Nagata furniture as antique furniture.

Nagata Ryosuke Shoten's furniture is made with the aim of being usable for 100 years if properly maintained. Furniture that is no longer needed due to moving or lifestyle changes can be refurbished to create a new furniture life.

Nagata Ryosuke Shoten also puts effort into regenerating antique furniture.

Even if the user changes, we will firmly support the life as furniture.

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Nagata Ryosuke Shoten An example of repair work

  • For repairs, our top priority is to reduce unnecessary costs while maintaining the antique look.
  • If the box drawer or door rattles severely, dismantle it once and make adjustments while scraping or adding boards.
  • Chair upholstery fabrics and cushions are basically replaced. Following the old-fashioned structure, all parts are replaced with new ones, assembled, and repaired to the same condition as new.
    Cracks in the wooden seat will be repaired by inserting a board into the cracks and repainted.
  • If you want to repeat the ink blur finish, peel off the paint, leave it unpainted, and then apply the ink blur finish again. Wood that has become reddish over time is repainted while leaving the redness.
    When replacing a part of a chair or other parts, we dismantle it once and manufacture and assemble the replacement parts. At that time, the corners of the newly manufactured parts are rounded so that they do not feel out of place.
  • We create and manage data charts for each piece of furniture. We also have a history of what repairs and repairs have been done in the past, and we have a complete system for after-sales support.
  • From December 2018, we will attach a plate to the product to certify that our repairs have been carried out.

Re-born action
~ Passing unwanted furniture to new owners ~

Nagata Ryosuke Shoten collects furniture made by Nagata that is no longer used or needed. It is an action to make appropriate repairs after collection, regenerate it as antique furniture that has been breathed new life, and allow you to spend 10 or 20 years with the new owner.

Nagata Ryosuke Shoten's furniture can be used for over 100 years if properly maintained. We want you to use furniture that can be used for a long time until the end of its life.
I can't bear to throw it away because it's a piece of furniture that I've used and loved for a long time. We hope that our repair techniques can be of some help to customers who want their furniture to be used as active furniture by someone who will take good care of it.

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