The long drama of the family has many colorful scenes.

Nothing would make us happier than to always have furniture from Ryosuke Nagata. Nagata Ryosuke Shoten would like to grow together with our customers.

All of Nagata Ryosuke Shoten's furniture is made to order.

It is a specification that can be used for a long time according to the size of the room where it is installed and the size of the body . In addition, in an era when tastes and preferences diversify, it is also possible to make functional furniture that is specialized for usage. Please reflect the user's preferences and selfishness , such as wanting to have this kind of function here, or wanting collectibles of this size to fit properly .

Nagata Ryosuke Shoten's furniture is made with the aim of being usable for 100 years if properly maintained.

Furniture that is no longer needed due to moving or lifestyle changes can be refurbished to create a new furniture life. Nagata Ryosuke Shoten also puts effort into regenerating antique furniture. Even if the user changes, we will firmly support the life as furniture.

Initiatives for SDGs

In September 2015 , the "Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs )" were resolved at the "United Nations Sustainable Development Summit", and 17 goals and 169 targets were presented as issues to be resolved on a global scale by 2030 . I was. At Nagata Ryosuke Shoten, we are actively working to resolve these issues based on our Charter of Corporate Behavior.

Nagata Ryosuke Shoten's Sustainable Actions

Sustainable means "sustainable" and "sustainable". Nagata Ryosuke Shoten is a manufacturer of furniture made from natural wood. Since it is a piece of furniture made from precious wood, we have created furniture with the aim of being able to use it with care for a long time. The way of thinking that has been handed down since our founding, that we want our furniture to be used for a long time, may be the answer to the problem that we have to think about most today.

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