4/1 [new product]
We started handling antique furniture and POLO chairs.
Please check the product page.

12/1 [News]
Nagata Ryosuke Shoten's slippers are featured in Kobe City Furusato Nozei.
Please see the site "Furusato Choice" .

8/26 【New stock】
New items in men's and women's sizes have arrived.
6/20 [new arrival]
Men's size white 10 pairs , men's size black 13 pairs
For Father's Day gift... Men's size arrived.

5/31 [new arrival]
5 pairs of men's size white , 5 pairs of men's size black
The men's size that has been out of stock has arrived.

4/28 [product information]
The limited camel color is posted on the crowdfunding site "Makuake".
Thanks to all of you, we have achieved the target amount in a few hours after posting.
You can still order slippers even after achieving the goal, so please see below.
4/17 [media information]
Our shop will be broadcast on "Adult Journey Aruki Journey".
Mr. Kunihiko Mitamura visited our store on TV Osaka's "Otona Tabi Aruki Tabi". We had a lot of fun talking about custom-made high-back sofas, products such as slippers, and the history of the store.

3/26 [new arrival]
Men's size white 12 pairs , men's size 8 pairs
The men's size that has been out of stock has arrived.


Kobe beef monuments using "KOBE LEATHER" will be open to the public in various places in Motomachi, Kobe.
This time, we created a monument of Kobe beef with Kobe leather in connection with this year's zodiac "Ushi". A 120- centimeter-square piece of Kobe leather that resembles origami was created by Yuga Arisawa, an origami artist who is known by the nickname “Origami Prince”. The size is 66 cm wide x 41 cm high x 30 cm deep.

The monument will be exhibited from February 11th to 21st at "Ryosuke Nagata Shoten" ( 3 Sannomiya-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe), which manufactures custom-made furniture by craftsmen while preserving the traditional techniques of the Kobe furniture brand. , 22nd to 28th = Leather accessories and leather goods store " STUDIO KIICHI" in Motomachi 6 -chome shopping street (commonly known as Motoroku) Kiichi)” ( 6 Motomachi-dori).

Kobe Leather Cooperative HP